About the Neurobiology Doctoral Students Workshop

The NeuroDoWo has been organized by doctoral candidates for over 30 years under the patronage of the German Zoological Society (Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft, DZG) and German Neuroscience Society (Neurowissenschaftliche Gesellschaft e.V.). Our aim is to reach early career scientists with a diverse neuroscientific background, from Germany and abroad. The conference promotes communication across disciplines and to allow young scientists to gain experience in presenting and discussing their research in a talk or with a scientific poster. The next NeuroDoWo will take place in Leipzig from the 20th to the 23rd of August 2024.

Registration closes soon

The registration for this year's NeuroDoWo closes on April 30th at 23:59 pm. There are only 5 days left. Don’t forget to register in time! Join as to an exciting NeuroDoWo with interesting talks, posters and people from every area of Neuroscience.

Prof. Dr. Albena Jordanova is Keynote Speaker at the NeuroDoWo

We are very happy to announce that Prof. Dr. Albena Jordanova is Keynote Speaker at the NeuroDoWo 2022 in Cologne. Prof. Jordanova works at the Vlaams Institute voor Biotechnologie in Antwerp, Belgium on heritable neurodegenerative diseases. Using bioinformatics methods, she was able to identify a mutation that causes Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease in 2012. She is now working on the identification of the functions of that gene using model organisms.

Prof. Dr. Gaia Tavosanis is Keynote Speaker at the NeuroDoWo

We hereby have the pleasure to announce Prof. Dr. Gaia Tavosanis as one of our Keynote Speakers at the NeuroDoWo 2022. Being a research group leader at the DZNE Bonn and a Professor of Neurogenetics at the University of Bonn, she is one of the leading experts in neuronal remodeling. With Drosophila melanogaster being her model system, she investigates the mechanisms in neuronal dynamics during development and adult life of the fly.


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